Reputation Management


Google your the name of your local business.

Now Google the name of the local business owner.

Are you happy with the results or are there big surprises?

Maybe a past customer has gone on a rant about your local business on Facebook, Twitter or on a personal blog.

What do you do to protect the reputation of your local business? Of the owner?

Could this have been avoided?

How can you prevent this from happening in the future?

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Reputation Management Defined

reputation management

Reputation management is the process of tracking the actions and opinions of prospects and customers.

And online miscreants…

A Covertise reputation management campaign looks for both positive and negative opinions.

The goal of a reputation management campaign is for positive and truthful opinions to flourish while negative and slanderous comments are buried or pushed down to obscurity.

Reputation Management is ideal for local business owners under one of the following scenarios:

  • Reputation Building – This form of reputation management has to do with building the reputation for a business that is newly formed or just new the Internet. It includes building a good reputation for your local business and setting a good foundation for maintaining it in the future.
  • Reputation Maintenance – Reputation maintenance fortifies the existing trust and goodwill of a local business. This is meant for companies that are already established and have a good reputation already.
  • Reputation Recovery – Reputation recovery is for a local business that has received negative and/or unfair comments posted to the Internet. In many cases, Covertise removes negative comments and opinions from the Internet entirely. In most other cases, Covertise counteracts the effects of bad press with a more balanced and truthful perspective that is under your control.

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Reputation Management – How it Works

Many local business owners either ignore reputation management altogether, or are not exactly sure how to repair or create their reputation. Tens of thousands of press releases circulate the Internet on a daily basis. Many are poor attempts at building or managing the reputation of local businesses.

Here are a few of the weapons used by Covertise for managing the reputation of our clients:

  1. Business Blogging – Covertise team members creates business blogs that engage your prospects and customers with information about your products and services and update them regularly
  2. Social Networking – Our team registers your business on multiple, high traffic social networking hubs and then manages the accounts for you with the aim of developing new leads for your local business
  3. Product & Service Reviews – Our staff solicits reviews about your products or services from your customers and publishes their reviews throughout the Internet in multiple mediums such as text, e-book, PDF, audio and video formats.
  4. Online Publicity – The Covertise team writes articles, publish links to your website and creates advertising banners to be placed on high high traffic, relevant web properties
  5. Directory Listings – Our staff lists your business in hundreds or thousands of online directories using descriptive language that is favored by the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing

It was no accident that Covertise lists business blogging as the number 1 tool we use for reputation management:

business week blogs will change your business

Business blogging is the number 1 way to engage your customers about your products and services, address problems before they mushroom out of control and tell your side of the story before it turns into a crisis played out on the blogosphere.

The only problem is that it is labor intensive and takes precious time away from the day to day operation of your business.

And while business blogging is about 50% of the solution, the other tools listed above are very important as well.

No two companies and/or their online reputation challenges are the same.

Covertise considers each business and their needs on a case by case basis…

Covertise can help.

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Internet Reputation Repair

Once Tainted, Not a Quick Fix

In most cases, local business owners can start to see measurable results from a Covertise reputation management campaign over the course of 3 to 5 months.

Nobody can “push a button” to restore the online reputation of your local business.

push button

It takes time to repair a reputation that has not previously been under careful management.

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